Lash Haus will guide, assist and assess your work continuously. Their feedback will help you improve your skills quickly. Our lash instructor will share her inside secrets, so their students leave with the skill and confidence they need to become the best lash artist possible!

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Volume lash extensions are the most sought-after service in the industry! This volume lash training course is intended for students who know the basics of classic lashes and are ready to expand their skill set. Volume lash extensions are challenging, but they are also a rewarding addition to any Lash Artists’ service menu. Unlike classic lashes, volume has the potential to turn even the thinnest, most sparse natural lashes into the fluffiest, fullest full set! 

After completing either eyelash extension course, you will have the knowledge and skills to apply lashes safely and properly. But,Lash Haus doesn’t believe there is a limit to learning. Education is continuous! So, we have an open-door policy. You’re invited back,  If any questions come up feel free to email us.  We encourage open lines of communication and will do whatever we can to help you succeed.